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Porta Cabins

We have been manufacturers of porta cabins for the last 15 years and are known for our quality and fast delivery service in the industry. Our porta cabin manufacturing unit is in New Delhi, India.

We manufacture and supply porta cabins in various sorts of materials like

  • EPS Panels (Expanded Polystyrene), 
  • PUF Panels (Polyurethane Foam) and 
  • Aerocon Panels.

A custom-built prefabricated building or component, a portable cabin is created in our factory-controlled setting by highly qualified personnel and a quality department. These porta cabins are a substitute for conventional structures and, of course, they provide a flexible answer when lodging is needed for an ambiguous length of time.

Our Porta Cabins have benefits like 

  • Adaptable to the needs of the customer 
  • movable and robust 
  • resistant to corrosion 
  • Easily Maintained 
  • We may provide it on a wheel or our own created base, which is foundation-free. 
  • Quick Installation 
  • Termite proof
  • Heat resistant
Porta Cabin


Portable Site Office

Portable Site Office

A porta cabin, also known as a portable cabin or modular office, is a versatile and convenient solution for temporary or semi-permanent structures. 

Prefabricated Labour camp

Portable Labour Camp

When a client needs labour sheds or lodging, we at Niko Prefab create prefab labour colony components in our plant in New Delhi and ship them there. 

Farmhouse Cabin

Farmhouse Porta Cabin

he farmhouse porta cabin seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern convenience, offering a delightful retreat in a portable and compact form. 

Terrace Porta Cabin

Servant Porta Cabin

The servant porta cabin is a practical and efficient solution designed to meet the accommodation needs of domestic staff in a compact and portable format. 

Guard cain Niko Prefab

Security Guard Cabin

One of our highlighted products, the security guard cabin, is in high demand among EPC businesses and the residential sector. These cabins are typically used by security guards at construction sites, outside offices/companies, or private residences. 

portable toilet

Portable Toilet

We at Niko Prefab manufacture and supply HDPE portable toilets, across pan India for your events to concerts to construction sites. We offer different varieties of portable toilets including portable showers, portaloos and porta urinals.