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Security Guard Cabins

One of our highlighted products, the security guard cabin, is in high demand among EPC businesses and the residential sector. These cabins are typically used by security guards at construction sites, outside offices/companies, or private residences. These cabins are typically fabricated in two sizes according to Niko Prefab standards.

  • 4′ x 4′ x 7′
  • 6′ x 4′ x 7′

Note : We might also fabricate them as per the client’s requirements to meet their needs. We manufacture guard cabins in four different materials as listed below.


  1. EPS Panel Guard Cabin (Expanded Polystyrene)

These guard cabins are made of lightweight expanded polystyrene panels. These insulated panels are widely used in the construction industry to manufacture walls and roofs in a factory-controlled environment. These insulated panels offer some advantages as they are 

  • eco-friendly,
  • have good insulation,
  • have shorter construction time,
  • have a higher resistance etc.
Security Guard Cabin

2. Wooden Guard Cabin 

The walls and roof of these guard cabins are made of plywood, which is glued using wood veneers joined together to make a flat sheet. Plywood is a very adaptable material that may be used in a variety of applications. It offers advantages like 

  • strong impact resistance, 
  • and cost-effective construction, 
  • Increased stability
PUF Panel Guard Cabin

3. PUF Panel Guard Cabin (Polyurethane Foam)

It is constructed of polyurethane as insulation, with thin metal sheets on the outside. Due to its numerous advantages, PUF panels are now commonly used as insulation in steel constructions such as airports, cold storage facilities, auditoriums, and shopping malls. It has a number of advantages, 

  • including heat and sound resistance, 
  • has excellent insulation, 
  • weather resistance, 
  • and is durable and inexpensive etc.
Security Guard Cabins

4. MS Security Guard Cabin 

Shipping containers or New MS Containers are being employed for much more than merely storing and carrying things in this decade. Containers have been employed in a variety of ways in recent years as engineers and construction experts have recognised their usefulness as building elements. Mobile offices, portable storage, pop-up businesses, restaurants, and a security guard cabin. MS Container offer numerous advantages like 

  • have excellent insulation 
  • easily transportable 
  • customizable & eco-friendly