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Prefabricated Accommodations

When a client needs labour sheds or lodging, we at Niko Prefab create prefab labour colony components in our plant in New Delhi and ship them there. Since the majority of our customers for prefabricated labour colonies come from the main EPC industry, we can tailor labour colonies for each client depending on their specific needs. 

We at Niko Prefab Building Systems Private Limited provide prefabricated labour accomodations in four distinct materials.


EPS Panel Porta Cabin

1. EPS Panels Labour Colony (Expanded Polystyrene) 

Two metal sides are joined to a polystyrene core in EPS Insulated Panels, which are single-piece factory-engineered products. When a load is applied, the facings and core of the panel operate as one unit, often resulting in free-standing and load-bearing panels.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation is a stiff, closed-cell material that is lightweight. This closed cell shape had poor vapour performance and little water absorption. As a result, it is mostly utilised for roofing, foundation, and wall insulation. 

PUF Panel Labour Camps

2. PUF Panel Labour Colony (Polyurethane Foam) 

This is the second type of foam insulation we provide. Since PUF panels are one of the most effective ways to maintain a building’s energy efficiency, their use in the construction sector is growing quickly. These panels are offered in a range of thicknesses and may be sized specifically for each client.

The inside and outside of a PUF panel are composed of thin metal sheets of varying thicknesses, with the polyurethane core of the panel being formed of polyurethane. They have exceptional heat and sound resistance and insulating qualities as a result.

Prefabricated Labour Colony

3. Cement Fibre Board Labour Colony 

Cement fibre boards are a type of construction material that may be used in both home and commercial settings to cover the exterior and inside of a structure. Fly ash, cellulose fibre, and additives that can withstand fire make up this composite material. To achieve higher dimensional stability and durability, the boards we use to construct prefab housing are subjected to a high pressure steam curing procedure called autoclaving.

We use these boards along with insulation materials like glasswool, rockwool and aluminium bubble wrap to construct portable accommodations for workers on sites.